Sensel Morph 14-bit MIDI MPE behavior

Hello Everyone,

I just got a Sensel Morph last week and I’m finally getting some time to experiment with it. I’m interested in using it in the higher resolution 14-bit MPE mode but I’m a little confused by the data that I’m getting back from it. When I set the Morph to send Absolute Y position in 14-bit MIDI CCs to CC 76, I get two CC messages one on CC 76 and the other on CC 108. The CC 76 values move smoothly from 0-127, but the CC 108 values seem to jump around significantly until I’m at the bottom or top of the Morph. How should these CC 108 values be used to get the higher resolution?


Hello Carl,

With 14 bit, the highest 7 bits are stored at the CC value and the lower 7 bits are stored at CC+32. So, in your case, CC 76 will still go between 0 and 127 but CC 108 will contain the sub divided values between each number. In other words a CC value of CC76 1 and CC108 10 138 (128*1+10). You could also think of the value as 1.078 (1+10/128).

Thanks Alex. This is helpful and I did eventually find a way to get this to work with my setup. I wrote a simple SuperCollider class that helps me use the values more easily. Take a look if you’re interested.