Sensel Max Object Source Code

This post is for the Sensel team, is it possible to get the source code for the Max external added to the github?

That way we can potentially update it to fix any compatibility issues that arise in future…

The API source code is up there but it would be great to have the Max external source (and the xcode project if possible) to continue using the Morph for as long as physically possible…

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Yes please! Part of my phd relies on this…

The Max external source code is now part of the Sensel package. It uses Cycling’s min-api.

At some point I’ll have a go at adding some of the missing functionality (notification when a touch is removed) that I have to painstakingly recreate in a patch, e.g.

Great, thanks Diemo.

thanks diemo!
looking forward to, you were the reason I bought a sensel after our notam workshop:)

Diemo, if you could add the management of several devices also, it would be great!