[Solved]: MPE and octave up and down with the Piano Overlay


I am trying to slightly alter the PianoBitwigMPE map so that the top left 2 buttons (which are octave up and down in the Piano MIDI map) are octave up and down. It works fine until I actually try to move up and down octaves then only half of the keys work. If I move down an octave then only the top half of the keys work and vice versa. Is this a limitation or am I doing something wrong?


This actually works fine when I try a standalone synth VSTi such as Vital, just inside Bitwig it doesn’t.

In the Bitwig Map, Octave transposition on the Piano are handled with the -/+ buttons, not the arrow keys: http://guide.sensel.com/morph_software/#how-to-use-it_1
Since transposition is handled in Bitwig, when you use the Morph MIDI Modifier to transpose, Bitwig gets confused - it is expecting static notes from the Morph. That is, C3 from the Morph goes into Bitwig, then the transposition value set by the +/- buttons is added, then that note is played and recorded.

Ah thank you so much! Apologies for not reading it in the first place.



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