Stuck Notes in Respiro iOS with MPE Keyboard overlay

I’m getting a lot of stuck notes with Respiro iOS on the iPad using the Morph MPE Piano overlay via Bluetooth. Often, they can be stopped by tapping the keyboard briefly, or the Imoxplus logo in Respiro, but either solution isn’t adequate for live playing.

NOTE: This doesn’t happen if the Morph is connected USB to the iPad.

iPad Pro 11-inch 2018

  • iPadOS 15.1
    Morph Firmware 0.19.298
  • MPE Piano Overlay
    Respiro 1.2.867
  • Control Mode CE (Continuous Expression)

Unfortunately that’s just the way it is with the Morph trying to do MPE over Bluetooth. The connection just robust enough. You really have to use a USB connection for MPE. Every app I’ve tried has had this problem. Not just stuck notes but missed notes as well.

I can confirm that. Respiro, ID700, Synclavier, AnimoogZ, all have hanging and missed notes, when using Bluetooth and MPE. Using USB, everything works alright.

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