Telar: a dynamic mapper for the Thunder overlay

I created a suite of M4L devices that extend the Thunder’s routing capabilities and adds a dynamic preset system for quick recall of scale sets as well as CC mappings, etc. Check it out here:

I’m still in the process of testing, so anyone who would like to take it for a ride and give me your feedback, it’ll be most welcome! Also, if you’re a Max person and know a thing or two about publishing Mac standalone apps (with Max 8+), I think I could use some help!

Hope you like it!


Thank you for sharing, Flavio! Super impressive.

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I think the best advice for publishing Mac standalones is going to be on the forums. This post on the C74 site still seems like it would be relevant, and would connect you with the people who have been keeping up with the issue.

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Thanks, @peter_sensel. Though I haven’t posted this device per se in the C74 forum (I did upload a project), I have perused the topic and it’s really a bit of a jungle of information, as Apple has changed the rules of the game over and over. But perhaps I’ll stir the boat again and just ask what the latest news is on the subject :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it really seems like a mess that’s hard to maintain, but there may be some new insights that make it more feasible.

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Also, the overhead is kinda ridiculous.

(It’s like several hundred megs embedded into each and every standalone; I think it includes every possible object, whether or not your project uses them.)

That issue has been dealt with, actually from a while back. There are ways to include/exclude various components of Max in the compile (gen, jitter, etc.). I’ve managed to bring mine down to 17 MB.

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Thanks to those who have downloaded the beta! I’ve created a brief survey in case you’d like to offer some feedback. Also, please fill it out if you’d like to receive news about it’s official release (coming soon, including both M4L devices and a Max collective…and eventually a standalone app as well, hopefully!):

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My first official version is released, now including a Max collective. For the friendly folk in this forum, you can get it with a 50% discount with the code senselfriends (it’s only $10 anyway).

BTW, I made a mistake re: compiling an app from Max, the collective was down to 17 MB, the app is actually 65 MB (still, I think quite a manageable size to have a full runtime version of Max?).

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