Video Overlay: Undo triggering Period

Got my nifty new Morph. One major problem for me – the almighty Undo button is triggering the button below it when there isn’t much pressure. Worse, the button below it is the Overwrite button in Premiere, so it immediately creates havoc in my timeline.

I’ve recorded a screen capture of the Sensel app with the firmware version etc and the MacOS Keyboard Viewer showing what happens when I hit the Undo button; you’ll see that the period is first, THEN command-Z as I press harder.

Hello, sorry to hear about the issue. There was a firmware update released yesterday that may help with this issue. If that does not work, you can also adjust the threshold of each area in the SenselApp. If you increase the threshold of the period, it should prevent accidental triggering of the undo.

If you continue to experience issues after adjusting the threshold, please contact us at if you haven’t already. Thank you!