Spurious Triggers

I’m using the morph as a simple midi controller with the music production overaly. It’s generally fantastic! Really responsive, low latency.

I have three problems:

  • Lots of double triggers when I tap the pads
  • The “Scene Right” button often triggers a random pad - often the one at the bottom of the morph, not the one next to it
  • Something is sending control 226, and I’ve got no idea why - I’ve turned off aftertouch for every single pad.

Any ideas?

Hello, thank you for contacting us. We have just updated the firmware to add the ability to set thresholds for each control area. Setting a higher threshold will prevent spurious touches. You can find more information here: Morph Update Version 0.14: MPE, Touchpads, Thresholds, and LEDs. Make sure to update your firmware to the latest version and get the latest app from sensel.com/start

Having the same issue with the drum / music production overlay. Even with higher thresholds, if the continuous pressure jitters around the threshold for even a very short period, it can misfire multiple times. I would love to have a speed limit / minimum duration parameter for MIDI onsets.