Many Double Hits

I am getting a large number of double-hits from my new Morph (just arrived today).

For example, I tried using it in Melodics, with the Music Production overlay, and a seemingly random but significant number of notes had red dots almost exactly in the middle of the squares showing where it registered as two hits almost on top of each other, even though I definitely just struck the pad once.

I can also reproduce the problem in Bitwig Studio, on almost opposite corners of the pad area of the overlay; this does not appear to be specific to any one pad or piece of software.

How can I determine if this a configuration problem of some kind, if I have a defective unit that needs to be replaced, …?

Thank you!

EDIT: UPDATE: This may be specific to the Music Production overlay, as I cannot reproduce the problem when using the Piano Overlay.

Hey! These double triggers shouldn’t be happening. We’d recommend increasing the threshold to 3 in the SenselApp.

We’ve created a map for the Music Production Overlay which sets all the drum pads to Threshold value 3 by default. You can grab it here

Please let me know if that helps

Apologies for the delay in responding as I had been tied up with a few things and couldn’t get back to this promptly.

The new overlay subjectively seems to reduce the number of double hits, but I am still getting a few. I will try increasing it further next time I get a chance to try this, hopefully tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have now experienced the problem with the piano overlay also, thus it is not limited to the music production overlay as I had thought it might be.

Sorry for the apparent double-post, but I am doing an exercise in Melodics where only two of the pads are used, so I tried turning those pads all the way up to threshold 10. While this makes it harder to play, I was still seeing double-hits in some cases. Unfortunately I don’t think the threshold will fix this for me.

You shouldn’t have double hits at all. I used mine quite heavily for fingerdrumming with the MP overlay, and while its not the best device for this, you shouldn’t experience this at all.

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