Any Max mavens to help me record from Shiatsu?

Hello - It’s been years since I actually patched in Max (I have latest v.8) and am not sure how to add a recording object to the wonderful Shiatsu. Pointers much appreciated! - John

If you want to record the audio, you can set the input of an audio track to the track that’s hosting Spectral Shiatsu. Record the audio as you would any other input - in clips or arrangement.

Peter, you’re one of my mentors over all the past years, so thank you. But I don’t (amazingly) use Live. I want to record inside Max. Dumb question I know… but I’m out of practice with Max.


Glad I’ve been helpful in the past! When using the patch in Max, you might need to replace plugout~ with dac~, for one.
To record audio, you can use the sfrecord~ obejct (instantiate as [sfrecord~ 2] for stereo!) to record to a file. The record~ object is for recording audio to a buffer~. If you have the BEAP package installed, you can use the “Recordr” module in the Output section of BEAP. This gives you a nicer interface for saving to a file.

Thanks! Will do. Morph is wonderful tool. John

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