MaxMSP Objects low res?


Hi. I’m experiencing the Max objects as giving me around 20Hz time resolution and very low x/y resolution.

is there any way to increase their quality?

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bump? I’d be really disappointed if I couldn’t get much more quality of of this.


Sorry for missing this. Can you post your patch? The object itself if maintained by Cycling 74, so drop them a note at


Ah yes, the email I’ll give that a shot. Forums yielded nothing.


I posted this on the Max forum, too:

I’m testing your patch, and I am seeing rates around 8ms when nothing is happening and much longer intervals (~50ms) when I’m actually touching the pad. As you say, that isn’t really great for tight control of percussive gestures.

To some extent, you’re limited by Max’s scheduler. However, maybe you’d have better luck with one of the overlays and a MIDI (or MPE mode)? I expect those should have better timing.