Control switch for bias fx ipad


Hi ! I just bought the morph, witch I’m very happy off. So thank you for making it possible.
Now I’m trying to make it work as a controller for Bias Fx iPad to switch between guitar presets. When I try to assign a control key by midi learn it seems that no messages is sent at all when I press a key or a pad as it waits for a cc message.

What should I do. Thank you for helping me



Hello, thanks for contacting us. Here are a few potential fixes:

  1. Make sure your Morph is connected. If it works in other applications on your iPad, you can skip this step. To connect, either use a USB Camera Connector in low power mode (located under Morph-XXXX in Sensel App) or Bluetooth. For Bluetooth, you need to both connect the device as a Bluetooth device under setttings, but also need to connect to it as a MIDI device. This is often available in apps under a settings popup menu. Alternately, you can connect to is by opening Garageband and connecting though their UI (
  2. Change the values of each Overlay. I am not sure which Overlay you are using, but you can change the values of each area on each Overlay in the SenselApp. Just open it up and click on the area. If you are using the MPC overlay, we recently updated the 4x4 pads to output notes and Channel AT by default (CC values were causing issues with various DAWs). We will be updating our guide to reflect this change. But you can still go into the SenselApp, select an area and change the CC value for any area. You can learn more about the control types here

I hope this helps!