False touches and releases only with Buchla Thunder overlay

When I use the Buchla Thunder overlay, I get false touches and releases in the area around the upper half of the E, F, and G “keys”, which often falsely activate the neighboring areas. If I increase the threshold to something like 7, then instead of false touches, certain areas in that region just fail to register a touch about 1 in 3 times. There is no such problem on the right side. And I have no such problem with the music production overlay or when I use it without the overlay with one of the linnstrument-like layouts. I have made sure that the overlay and the surface are both clean and free of anything like dust particles.

When I look at the visualizer while the Buchla overlay is on, I see that when I touch part of the F “key”, the edges of the key, or maybe even the parts between keys, are activating the surface a bit, almost like another separate touch. This is probably confusing the readings. When I touch on the right side of the overlay, I don’t see as much of this happening. So it seems that there is something off about the structure of the overlay, maybe some stiffness inconsistencies or something.

When I examine the overlay, top and bottom, bending it a little and so on, I can’t feel or see anything super-obvious that seems different in that region. But when I examine it more carefully, looking at the keys edge-on, shining a raking light across the key tops, and so on, it seems that the keys in the problematic area are a little more rounded on top, thicker in the middle. The keys on the right side of the overlay are flatter. I would guess that the more bulged structure of the problematic keys might be transmitting force in an arch-like manner to the edges of those keys.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the morph itself. When I move the overlay so that the problematic area is situated on the right side of the device, using the visualizer, I see that these problematic key edge activations are happening there as well, in a region of the morph where I don’t have a problem normally. So the problem seems to move with the overlay.

I don’t know if this is a manufacturing defect that happened only with my particular Buchla Thunder overlay, or if there is a problem with a mold somewhere.

Does anyone else have similar issues?

I guess I am going to have to return this overlay. It is pretty much useless as it is.

I put the Buchla Thunder overlay on a flat surface so that its bottom surface was facing up and then looked across it toward a light source. This reveals that the keys in the problematic region are more concave on the bottom than those in the regions with no problems. So this seems to further confirm my theory that arch-like forces are being transmitted to the edges of these keys. The keys are actually arched. They are convex on top and concave on bottom.

Hi JO512, wondering if you got any resolution on this. I just received a Morph with the Thunder overlay and I believe I’m seeing the same issue.

I returned my Buchla overlay for a refund, no replacement. Maybe they sent you the one I had! :wink:

Ha. maybe they did. I’ll look at exchanging it. Thanks for the reply!