Foreign Language Support/Special Characters?

I added language support to my Galaxy Tab S3 (English & French) and made sure the bBoard (Google digital keyboard) recognized both. Both languages work fine with gBoard. But the Morph is now acting flakey, skipping keys, having to press harder than I before. It works if I go back to just English, so I guess I’ll just do that for now. But is it supposed to work?

Also, is there anyway to get the extended character set? Like long-press on a digital keyboard? Seems even the Windows 10 physical keyboard has problems with that, so maybe I’m asking too much of the Morph.

It’s still acting up - skipping characters and requiring hard presses, back-space works about every third time, not as bad as when I two languages set, but still worse than this morning. I just updated to the latest edition of the firmware. Could that be causing a problem?