Live 11 Control Script Over Bluetooth Locks Up Morph

Im having issues with the Morph when attempting to use the Live 11 control surface script over bluetooth.

Everything including the control script works perfectly when connected via USB. However when I attempt to use the Control Script over bluetooth the Morph locks up entirely until I shut it down… specifically as soon as I switch the Control Surface Output to Morph Bluetooth. I also then have to reboot my Macbook to get it to connect via BT again.

I’ve gone back and forth and attempted this multiple times with various connect and start up sequences… and thus many reboots as well.

Ableton Live 11 Suite (11.0.2)
macOS 11.2.3
MacBook Pro 13inch M1

Any thoughts on how to get the Live 11 control script to work with the Morph via Bluetooth?


Thanks for reaching out @indek and sorry to hear about the issue. This is a known bug that we’re working on. As a workaround, If you are using the SenselApp at the same time, set the control surface script in Live Prefs to something other than “Sensel Morph MPE”, then set it back when you are done with SenselApp to activate the script. Or, quit Live when running the Sensel App. In Bitwig, you can use the Control Surface panel to just turn the script off.

Thanks for the swift reply @Matt_from_Sensel. However Im not sure I follow the work around you describe. Since I am attempting to use the Morph with the Live 11 control surface script over Bluetooth connection and the Sensel app doesn’t support the Bluetooth connection it’s unlikely I would have both Sensel App and Ableton Live open at the same time in this scenario.

For now I am just avoiding using the morph as a control surface in Live over bluetooth… as I have other devices for that. But it would be nice in the future once the bug is ironed out.

Thanks again.

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