Power Button Protection


My Morph kept turning on inside my backpack and sometimes turned on or off when it bumped into other things on my desktop. I eliminated most of the problem on my Morph by carefully sanding down the power button until it was flush with the case. Now it can’t turn on when it is in the backpack and won’t turn on if it rubs against something else.

Anyway, it would be a good idea if you could design all of your future products to prevent them from activating the Power Button when their edge is pushed against something else. You could accomplish the same protection with raised bumps on both sides of the push button or use a slide switch. There are a number of ways.

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Yes! I also have this problem when mounting the Morph in a custom enclosure. My solution was to put a notch in the enclosure, but I think next time I’ll sand down the power button like you did, good idea!



I used a small benchtop belt sander and went very slow and carefully. I wouldn’t recommend that others do this, but I was willing to take the risk.

What kind of custom case did you make? I’ve made a few custom keyboard cases over the years. The idea for my cases was to have everything (keyboard, amplifier, speakers and iPad Mini) self contained so that all I had to do was open the case and start playing. I’m thinking of making a case for 2 Morphs and have it unfold into a 4 octave keyboard.

I love the Morph and its expressiveness. I had a Roli Block and I now have a KMI Keyboard Pro 4, but I like the Morph the best. Hope someday Sensel comes out with a full-size 3-4 octave keyboard.


My enclosure is purely a controller/screen - all the processing is done externally. It’s called the Space Palette Pro, I use it to perform occasionally, but a primary target for me is as a “casual instrument” that people can play with to explore their creativity at festivals like Burning Man. Here’s people enjoying it at a street fair in San Jose:


Here’s me doing a performance with it:


Sensel did a short documentary on me and the Space Palette Pro which you might find interesting:




Nice going! You’ve done a lot of electronic instrument design. I like that you made it available to the public for them to play with and explore. What’s next?


Love your performance pieces!!!