Random Velocity with Drumsticks


I’m using some light sticks for the drumpad overlay, and the velocity has nothing to do with how hard I’m hitting it. It’s registering all of my strokes, but the velocity can hit max when I so much as tap the pad with the stick, and register the lightest brush when I slam it.

Does this have to do with the framerate of the morph?


Hello, thank you for contacting us. We are working on our velocity algorithms to improve consistency with very rapid inputs (like sticks). The Drumpad Overlay does run faster than the other Overlays (about 500Hz vs 150Hz for the other Overlay). Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the Morph. In the meantime, while not as expressive, you can turn off Velocity by pressing the Velocity Disable toggle at the top (Ray bouncing off a surface). This will change all hit velocities to 127.

Has anyone sampled the various broker mentioned here, and can they tell which one is the best?