[Solved]: Buchla + Innovator

I have received my Buchla overlay and I am very happy with it :wink:
But it seems that there is some conflict with my Innovator : I have to send the map from the app every time I want to use one or the other.
If I do not, the Innovator plays the Buchla one, or when I put the Buchla nothing is sent.
Any idea ?

When you say there’s a conflict, are you saying that when you remove the Buchla overlay and place the Innovator overlay in its place the Morph will not switch to the Innovator configuration?

Yes, I have to send the map to the Innovator to make it work.
ANd in this cas, when I put back the Buchla I have also to send its map.
There is no problem with all the other overlays.

That is curious. Unless there’s some weird quirk with the SenselApp on the computer, it sounds like it might be a bug in the Morph.

@alex is this a known issue?

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We have recreated the bug and have found the issue. We will release a SenselApp update tomorrow that will fix the issue. I will follow up on this thread when it is available and contact us at support@sensel.com if you have any other questions.

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The SenselApp has been updated to fix this bug. After you update the SenselApp, you will need to flash the Buchla and Innovator’s maps again for this fix the bug. Thank you for your patience and reporting the bug. Contact us at support@sensel.com if you have any other questions.

Yes, it is perfect now : thanks a lot for your great work and your responsiveness !