The SenselApp froze while updating firmware

Hi !
I am trying to use my morph (2583) on a Mac OS 10.9.5. I have just updated the SenselApp to 0.16.14, and was asked to update the firmware, which I did. The application downloaded the new firmware, started sending it to the morph, then everything froze (no mouse, no keyboard, etc). After a while, I decided to reboot the Mac. However, the morph is not recognized anymore, and its connection led stays alternating light green and dark green every two seconds or so.
What should I do ? Thanks for any help.

Hello sorry to hear about the error. Please unplug your Morph (the LED should turn off), turn off your SenselApp, plug in your Morph again and then restart the SenselApp. The Morph should appear again. If the LED does not turn off when unplugged, please reset the device by holding down the button for 8 seconds and then press the button again to turn it on. If you continue to have issues updating the Morph, please let us know.

Hi, many thanks for your answer. I was able to reset the device by holding the button. I had to reboot the have the device appear in the list of USB devices. Then I was asked again to update the firmware, which was done with no problem, to 0.16.78. Finally, I sent the video editing map, and a map I had build for Innovator. And then the system froze again. However, after rebooting, I was able to connect the sensel over wifi. So I guess I know now, more or less, how to manage the problem. Thanks again for the support !