Unable to Update Firmware

Currently I’m unable to update my morph’s firmware as the verification process consistently fails to complete itself.
That is to say that yesterday I noticed my firmware version was 0.14.xxx, so I launched the app and selected “Update Firmware.”
Although the update itself proceeded w/out incident, 12 hours later the verification process was still ongoing!
Throughout the process the morph’s power LED displayed a green pulsing light, while the white LED strip at the top of the piano keyboard remained solidly on.
A long day having closed, I turned off my computer without thinking, but restarted it after realizing that the morph was still connected to it.
Began the updating process once again, leaving the computer/morph on all night long, only to discover this morning that nothing had changed.
The status was still shown as “verifying”; the morph’s front panel display was as previously described; while the FW version was still shown as 0.6.22.
Hoping to prove Einstein wrong, I selected “Update Firmware” for the third and last time, but unsurprisingly at this juncture - got the same results.
Any suggestions?
Seems I should have left well enough alone . . .
Sensel App: v0.19.32
Morph Name: Morph-5952
Mac Pro desktop running OS 10.11.6

Hello, anybody home?
Would be nice to receive something resembling Tech Support, as my morph remains saddled with its original OS of 0.6.22, after the “Upgrading” process DOWNGRADED my operating system from 0.14.xx to what it began with 5 years ago.
Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @earshot21. Apologies for the delay. A few points below. If none of these work, please contact support@sensel.com

  1. The update process should take 1.5 minutes max. If it is not done by then, the update has failed.
  2. Try not to plug into a USB Hub
  3. Try power cycling the Morph by holding down the button for 8 seconds and then pressing the button again. Then try opening the SenselApp again and updating.


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