Vertical midi key velocity

How can I i setup the midi keyboard to adjust the velocity on the vertical (y axis). I am trying to trigger midi drums, and I want to have light velocity at the top of the piano keys, and heavy velocity at the bottom of the key.( see 2:16 as example. Xequence Overview | TheAudioDabbler First Look - YouTube )

Hello, thank you for the feedback. Currently this is not possible with the Morph unless you work with our open source API to get the raw contact information and translate the contacts into MIDI. We appreciate the suggestion and will determine if it can go in a future MPE release.

thanks Alex. one other question. The bar at the bottom that is in factory default mode sustain. how does that work. is it essentially treat as on big key? or is it a slider bar. Can i assign it to be basically a horozontal pitch wheel? And also when you click on that bar it has a aftertouch setting? is this just the level you press to activate aftertouch?

The bottom bar is treated as one big key for sustain. For pitchbend, you could change it to be MPE key using the dropdown to the top left and then set the X position to be Pitchbend. You can then set pressure to to be Poly or Channel Aftertouch.